IPAA Victoria releases NAIDOC Week 2023 video campaign

3 Jul 2023

To celebrate NAIDOC Week 2023, IPAA Victoria and its Aboriginal Advisory Committee have published a series of videos where our Committee members share personal reflections and memories as they reflect on the theme ‘For Our Elders’.

NAIDOC Week is a particularly special time for our First Nations communities to gather together, connect with other community members and celebrate the rich histories and cultures of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

In the spirit of this year’s NAIDOC Week theme ‘For Our Elders, IPAA Victoria have proudly worked alongside its Aboriginal Advisory Committee to deliver our NAIDOC Week video campaign. The collection of short videos featured some of our Aboriginal Advisory Committee members, who share their unique insights about NAIDOC Week and generously reveal personal stories about Elders and role models in their communities. IPAA Victoria invites you to watch the videos, share them with colleagues, and reflect on what NAIDOC Week might mean for you.

IPAA Victoria would like to thank the following Aboriginal Advisory Committee members who contributed to this series:

  • Suzanne Coates, Manager, Aboriginal Culture and Healing – Capability and Coordination, Emergency Recovery Victoria

  • Mick Coombes, Associate Director, Aboriginal Economic Development Group, Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

  • Chaise Egan, Manager Aboriginal Careers and Cultural Safety, People and Business Services , Department of Transport and Planning

  • Curt Garwood, Director, Aboriginal Engagement and Delivery, Environment, Climate Action and First Peoples Group, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

  • Ward Garwood, Director, Aboriginal Engagement West, Aboriginal Self-determination and Outcomes, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing

  • Elke Smirl, Program Director, Barring Djinang, (Policy & Programs) Equity, Leadership and Capability, Victorian Public Sector Commission

VIDEO 1: What does NAIDOC Week mean to you?

Read the transcript for VIDEO 1: What does NAIDOC Week mean to you? here.

VIDEO 2: In 2023, For Our Elders I will …

Read the transcript for VIDEO 2: In 2023, For Our Elders I will… here.

VIDEO 3: How do you celebrate NAIDOC Week?

Read the transcript for VIDEO 3: How do you celebrate NAIDOC Week? here.