YIPAA is IPAA Victoria’s network for young professionals who work in or with the public purpose sector.

An inclusive network of young professionals who work in or with the public purpose sector.

YIPAA is IPAA Victoria’s network for young professionals who work in or with the public purpose sector. The Network provides opportunities for future generations of public purpose leaders to connect, learn and grow in a supportive environment. It coordinates events and activities to support IPAA Victoria’s strategic direction, and provides a voice and visibility for young professionals within the IPAA Victoria community and broader public purpose sector.


What are the key objectives of the YIPAA network?


Build valuable networks and relationships between young public purpose sector professionals and the broader public purpose sector.


Provide opportunities for professional development, building capability and innovation.


Grow as individuals gaining experience and insights, and to grow as an inclusive network.

Back in 2023!

YIPAA Careers Club

Careers Club is a series of events where early to mid-career professionals in the public purpose sector can come together and support each other to grow and develop their careers.

2023 Careers Club meeting times and topics

Session overview

Session times: 5:00pm–6:00pm

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Topic: How to Take the Reins in Uncertainty

Wednesday 31 May

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Topic: Managing Up: How to Manage your Manager

Tuesday 25 July

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Topic: Transiting your career from a doer to a leader

Wednesday 27 September

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Topic: Aligning your career with your values and priorities – Leveraging the "Ikigai" framework

Tuesday 28 November

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The YIPAA Committee

The YIPAA network is supported and represented by a volunteer Committee. They YIPAA Committee represents a diversity of roles, interests and perspectives from across the public purpose sector.

The Committee meets regularly to discuss and provide input to IPAA Victoria’s offerings for young professionals, and to coordinate its own events and offerings. They work towards a vision where future generations of public purpose leaders have the connections, tools, and skills they need to realise their full potential for a better Victoria.

Committee members


Committee Meetings 2023

Monday 23 January, 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Monday 20 February, 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Monday 20 March, 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Monday 17 April, 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Monday 15 May, 3:00pm – 3:30pm

Connect with us

Any young professional who is an IPAA Victoria member is welcome to join the YIPAA network.

Visit the organisational members page here to find out if your organisation is an organisational members or click here to become a personal member. If you are already an IPAA Victoria member, join the YIPAA Network mailing list today.

If you would like more information, contact IPAA Victoria via email or phone (03) 9653 2000.

Join the YIPAA members group on LinkedIn.

YIPAA members are encouraged to apply for the peer plus mentoring program.