In-house Professional Development Program

Looking to upskill your team?

Why in-house training?

Strengthen your skills to make a greater impact in your job.

Enhance your organisational goals and outcomes in the new COVID norm.

Great opportunity for team building.

Why should you choose IPAA Victoria?

We know and are trusted by the public purpose sector.

Courses are 100% tailored and customisable to your organisational or team needs.

Bring your team together virtually – locally or across the globe.

In-House training is safe and secure.


Find out more about IPAA Victoria's In-house professional development delivery

What is an in-house session?

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What are the benefits of in-house sessions?

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Which of IPAA Victoria’s courses can be delivered in house?

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How are the in-house sessions delivered?

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Is there a minimum participant number requirement?

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Where can I find out the in-house pricing?

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How do I customise my course and what’s customising fee?

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What is the process of booking an in-house session?

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Get in touch with a member of our in-house team today either via email or on (03) 9653 2000.