In-house Professional Development Program

Looking to upskill your team?

Custom learning and development programs

IPAA Victoria can design custom learning and development programs to meet the demands of employees in the Victorian Public Sector. IPAA Victoria will work with you to understand your context, specific challenges and needs, strategic goals and cultural values. 

We then use our extensive network to: 

  • leverage and secure the right experts, facilitators and contributions to the customised program 
  • the learning methodologies which will suit your people
  • the right resources to create a fully customised program that will impact the individual, the team and the organisation. 

IPAA Victoria has access to a wide range of facilitators, academics, and public sector experts across Australia. Custom programs can range from one-day intensive offerings to more complex multi-modular programs which run over a course of three, six or twelve months. The programs can be a mixture of face-to-face or online learning delivery, and synchronous and asynchronous learning options. 

An IPAA Victoria project team will be allocated to your customised solution that will work closely with you along each step of the program. We will take care of project management, communications with participants, delivery, logistics, evaluations and debriefs with all stakeholders. 

With our deep understanding of the complexities of the public sector and the challenges it faces, we are committed to working with you to equip your team and your organisation to build capacity in your areas of priority.

Why in-house training?

Strengthen your skills to make a greater impact in your job.

Enhance your organisational goals and outcomes in the new COVID norm.

Great opportunity for team building.

Why should you choose IPAA Victoria?

We know and are trusted by the public purpose sector.

Courses are 100% tailored and customisable to your organisational or team needs.

Bring your team together virtually – locally or across the globe.

In-House training is safe and secure.


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