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Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program (IELP) interview with Jacqueline Berry, Department of Transport and Planning

25 Aug 2023

IPAA Victoria’s Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program (IELP) is an executive training course designed specifically for leaders to embed a robust culture of integrity and ethics within their organisations. IPAA Victoria spoke to Jacqueline Berry, Department of Transport and Planning, to hear her reflections after completing the course in 2022.

IPAA Victoria’s Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program (IELP) theories and practices have etched a significant skill set into my leadership inventory and helped broaden my perspective of how to approach ethical dilemmas, and integrity issues within the public sector.

The memorable, respectable and engaging speakers guided our thinking in a structured and critical way during the course, helping me to better reflect on, and understand the impact that certain types of decisions and pathways can have on our teams, the community, government, and our stakeholders.

The systems theory training was significantly impactful for me, as was the introspection that the course forces you to do in reflecting on your own leadership style, what impact you can have as an executive, your potential blind spots and the ethical dilemmas that can show up for all of us in any given moment.

I found the course added greater value to my advisory skills by providing me with often new theories and ways of seeing old dilemmas, a richer understanding of how integrity matters can be viewed critically, the detrimental impact they can have on the broader community, and executives if gone unnoticed and unaddressed, and how individual belief systems can either fuel ethical dilemmas positively or negatively.

The course enabled new connections with other senior executives across the public sector, which also added to the richness of views and experiences in the room. Working with the IELP coach allowed me to make some quite simple yet effective and rewarding adjustments in my leadership style and built my confidence in the outcomes I would achieve using the lens of integrity in all my communications and engagements.

Jacqueline Berry, Director, Strategy, Portfolio and Executive Communications, Department and Transport and Planning, undertook IPAA Victoria’s Senior Executive IELP in 2022. 

The next Senior Executive IELP will commence in September.


Jacqueline Berry

At the Department of Transport and Planning, Jacqui leads nine teams who create strategic communications and engagement for four Ministers, the Secretary and eight Deputy Secretaries, delivering them to the public, the transport and planning portfolios and more than 4,000 employees.

Prior to moving to the Department, Jacqui developed deep knowledge across the transport and infrastructure sectors by consulting with industry leaders such as Downer, McConnell Dowell, Brookfield/Multiplex and LendLease to name a few. She has also worked as a senior communications specialist for Metro Trains, John Holland, the West Gate Bridge and the Port of Hastings Development Authority.

Jacqui’s speciality is being able to quickly understand the political landscape and business imperatives of a situation, and then garner senior stakeholder support for smooth delivery.