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Senior Executive Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program

A highly sought-after and exclusive professional development course designed for established and aspiring leaders in the public purpose sector to contemplate and examine complex issues relating to integrity and ethics.

Senior executive IELP

Integrity and ethics are a core tenet of the public purpose sector and underpin the community’s trust in the services we deliver.

IPAA Victoria’s Senior Executive Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program (Senior Executive IELP) is the leadership development course for the modern public purpose sector leader.

Underpinned by the Integrity and Ethical Leadership Framework, the course equips leaders with the strategies, intelligence and tools to build integrity and ethical resilience. Over a three-wave intensive, leaders who undertake the course can connect with like-minded peers from Victoria’s diverse public purpose sector.

Course overview

Over a three-wave intensive, the participants will be guided through an ethical journey focusing on integrity in the public sector.

The program will be supported by expert facilitators and thought-leaders from within and beyond the public sector, with public sector ‘wise head’ luminaries involved to provoke and share behind-the-scenes insights of real-world experiences.

The three waves allow participants to deep dive into the world of ethics and integrity and the challenges the public sector faces.

  • Wave I focuses on System and Culture.
  • Wave II is facilitated by Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership and looks into the philosophical enquiries into the public sector.
  • Wave III then looks at your Leadership Ripple and how the ethical decisions you make as leaders then shapes the team around you. 

Senior leaders will be equipped with the strategies, tools and knowledge to explore integrity and ethics

Participants have opportunities to build trusted peer networks, work with expert facilitators, delve into thought-provoking case studies, and grow their leadership awareness with one-on-one coaching, self-reflection and development diagnostics. They hear ‘integrity moments’ from renowned ‘wise heads’. Wise heads have recently included Ben Rimmer, Fran Thorn and Noelene Duff who share their personal journeys and challenges they have faced.  

1. Unlock your ethical leadership – understand your decision-making temptations and biases to enhance your leadership.

2. See the ‘system’ – shine a light on how the system works on you and you on it.

3. Set the ‘tone from the top’ – develop the capabilities you need to create a positive integrity culture.

4. Optimise your personal resilience and wellbeing and develop the skills to foster psychological safety amongst those you lead.

5. Explore your ‘leadership ripple’ – gain awareness of the way you influence and the shadow you cast.

What to expect

Who is this course designed for? 

Senior Executive IELP is designed for Directors, Executive Directors, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Executive Officers, or the equivalent level.

What is the course structure? 

In total, we estimate that the time commitment is five days over two months. The program comprises three modules of one to two days each and a welcome breakfast. In addition, there will be an opportunity for you to receive tailored coaching based on in-depth feedback from your most significant stakeholder.  

Course Contributors

Michael Rafferty

Michael Rafferty

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Sarah Ogilvie

Sarah Ogilvie

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Joan Lurie

Joan Lurie

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Peter Mares

Peter Mares

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Margo Lydon

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  • Per participant: $13,925
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In-house Sessions

This program can be delivered in an in-house professional development workshop to your organisation.

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