Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program (IELP)

IPAA Victoria’s IELP is the premier professional development course for aspiring and established senior executives in the public sector.

IELP Suite

The suite of IELP offerings are tailored to specific cohorts working in the public purpose sector to align the course to key career progressions. IPAA Victoria currently offers the flagship Senior Executive IELP.

What can participants expect?

Course overview

Senior leaders will walk away with the strategies, tools and knowledge to: 

1. Unlock your ethical leadership – understand your decision-making temptations and biases to enhance your leadership.

2. See the ‘system’ – shine a light on how the system works on you and you on it.

3. Explore your ‘leadership ripple’ – gain awareness of the way you influence and the shadow you cast. 

4. Set the ‘tone from the top’ – develop the capabilities you need to create a positive integrity culture. 

5. Optimise your personal resilience and wellbeing and develop the skills to foster psychological safety amongst those you lead.


The importance of public sector integrity and ethical leadership

Thought leaders Hannah Aulby, Jane Brockington, Cheryl Batagol PSM and Dr Paul Grimes PSM respond to questions on the importance of public sector integrity and ethical leadership.

Ethical leadership is critical to building trust, influence and respect with the communities we serve, stakeholders and importantly our own teams. The Senior Executive IELP really reinforced the importance of always doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Gönül Serbest
Commissioner for Europe
Senior Executive IELP alumna (2019)