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IPAA Victoria supports Voice to Parliament

29 Aug 2023

IPAA Victoria supports the First Nations Voice to Parliament being enshrined in the Constitution.  

IPAA Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters on which we live and work. We recognise the ongoing strength, contributions, and leadership of First Nations peoples. IPAA Victoria’s vision for reconciliation is that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ right to self-determination will be recognised, respected, and empowered across Victoria and Australia, particularly through Treaty and truth processes.  

During 2023 our nation, and its people, will deliberate a historic decision and participate in a Referendum to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. This momentous opportunity will bring together our diverse histories, stories and peoples and consider the future we want. 

IPAA Victoria recognises that a First Nations Voice to Parliament will provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with a meaningful opportunity to inform policy and shape legal decision-making that impacts their lives. 

Today, IPAA Victoria is proud to announce support for the First Nations Voice to Parliament being enshrined in the Constitution.  

As a peak professional association for the public purpose sector in Victoria, IPAA Victoria plays a key role in bringing together a wide diversity of individuals who work, innovate and share ideas within the sector. At IPAA Victoria, we uphold principles of equality, inclusivity and respect and strive to build and strengthen the capability of the sector. 

In this spirit, IPAA Victoria is committed to advancing and supporting Aboriginal self-determination and reconciliation, actively working to foster relationships and links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples working in and with the public purpose sector. 

Similar to many organisations across the nation, IPAA Victoria has created a safe space to facilitate an enriching discussion and hear from First Nations peoples and acknowledge and understand the diversity of views, concerns and aspirations. IPAA Victoria respects there is diversity of perspectives on the Referendum and the importance of individual choice.  

Our position on the First Nations Voice to Parliament has been informed through IPAA Victoria’s commitment to continuous learning on matters relating to the Voice and other elements of the Uluru Statement From the Heart. IPAA Victoria encourages all individuals to seek out the available knowledge and adopt an informed and evidence-based view on this matter.   

IPAA Victoria believes supporting a First Nations Voice to Parliament is the right next step for Australia to honour its thousands of years of histories and make progress in healing.   


IPAA Victoria encourages individuals and organisations to listen, learn and engage in this very important matter. Below are a range of useful resources that have helped shape discussions within our team and our community. 

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