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Empowering Workplaces: Managing psychosocial risk in the Victorian Public Sector

25 Jul 2024Online

Managing Psychosocial Risk in the Victorian Public Sector

IPAA empowering workplaces


Victoria is leading in developing new psychosocial safety regulations. Work Environments are rapidly evolving due to increased workloads and technological advancements. Creating an urgency for addressing psychosocial safety at work.

The session and panellists will explore: 

  • The latest developments: We’ll delve into Victoria’s new psychosocial safety regulations currently being finalised by WorkSafe Victoria. What are the proposed regulations, their goals, and their current status? 
  • A national and Victorian perspective: We’ll explore the evolving landscape of workplace mental health policy and regulations across Australia, with a specific focus on Victoria’s unique approach. 
  • The role of stakeholders: We’ll discuss the critical role of government agencies, like WorkSafe Victoria, and other stakeholders in safeguarding and improving employee mental health. 
  • Proactive solutions: We’ll explore leading practices for identifying and mitigating psychosocial risks in workplaces, fostering a culture of psychological safety, and promoting employee wellbeing. 


11:00 am – 11.05 am: Opening and Acknowledgement of Country

11:05 am – 11:15 pm: Keynote

11:15 pm – 11:45 pm: Panel Discussion

11:45 pm – 11:55 pm: Q&A

11:55 pm – 12:00 pm: Closing



    The event will be relevant to public sector employees, people managers and those with an interest in Mental Health and Psychosocial risk management.

    • HR professionals  
    • Business leaders  
    • Risk management professionals 
    • Workplace health and safety specialists  
    • Anyone passionate about creating mentally healthy workplaces



    Kerry Maikousis

    Acting Lead Counsel, Workplace relations and occupational health and safety, Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office

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    Katherine Whetton

    Deputy Secretary Mental Health and Wellbeing Division, Department of Health

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    Kimberley de Veth

    Behavioural Risk Lead, Scyne Advisory

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    John Moran

    Director, Mental Health Strategy and Coordination, WorkSafe Victoria

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    Margo Lydon

    Chief Wellbeing Advisor, The Wellbeing Outfit

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    Date & Time

    Thursday 25 July 2024
    11:00 am – 12:00 pm (AEDT)




    This is a FREE event to all IPAA Victoria Members, including employees of our member organisations such as VPS departments and non members.

    Check to see if you’re an IPAA Victoria Member, including employees of our member organisations such as VPS departments here.

    $65 for non Members.