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This is a past event

Lifting Leaders: Defining leadership development needs in your organisation

16 Sep 2022VicSuper

This event is designed to assist professionals in clarifying the development needs of their organisational leaders.


Join us at the Lifting Leaders in-person workshop where People & Culture practitioners and professionals will learn to develop tools and techniques to design leadership development interventions.

Leaders within the public purpose sector are being challenged by increasing workloads, declining resources, and increasing accountability for the delivery of organisational outcomes. Supporting their professional development can build their competence and, in turn, enable them to enhance the productivity of their work groups.

This workshop provides practical tools and advice to internal consultants with which to support the professional development of their organisational leaders, including material relating to team leadership in a hybrid workplace.

Event outcomes

The workshop will equip participants with an in-depth understanding of:

  • stakeholder management and relationship building
  • hybrid working models, now and in the future
  • supporting leaders to have flexible working conversations with their team.


  • Early to mid-career People and Culture professionals
  • Learning and Development professionals
  • Internal consultants interested in leadership development and organisational effectiveness.


Gareth Sambrook (Host)

Learning and Development Consultant – Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Dan Tohill

Global CEO, Inspire Group

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Tina Parras

Director, Organisational Development & Talent Acquisition, Department of Transport

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Date & Time

15 March 2023
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (AEDT)


Online – Zoom