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Systems Thinking & Systems Leadership

Fundamental principles and skills of systems thinking and systems leadership


IPAA Victoria’s Systems Thinking and Systems Leadership course is a practical course designed to equip participants with fundamental principles and skills.

Course overview

Participants will learn how to navigate complex challenges and drive effective organisational change. Grounded in theory and practical application, the course offers a comprehensive exploration of systems dynamics, interconnectedness, and holistic problem-solving approaches. 

The course is designed to:

  • Understanding key concepts and principles of systems thinking 
  • Why our approach to problem solving in mechanical systems need to be different in a living system 
  • Identifying leverage points for effective intervention and change 
  • Introduction to the capabilities and practices of Systems Leaders  
  • Developing strategies for leading organisational change initiatives using a systems approach 
  • Addressing resistance and fostering buy-in from stakeholders 

Course outcomes

This course provides a solid foundation in systems thinking and systems leadership, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of today’s organisational landscape and drive meaningful change by:

  • A practical overview of systems thinking and systems leadership 
  • Be equipped with practical tools and techniques for analysing and influencing complex systems 
  • Demonstrate enhanced leadership capabilities by integrating systems thinking into their leadership practices 
  • Be equipped to drive effective change initiatives within their organizations by leveraging systems insights and fostering collaborative approaches 

Course audience

The ideal course participant is someone who:

  • Managing small or large teams or roles that require leading through influence and working with diverse stakeholders  
  • Professionals who are looking for a practical introduction to systems thinking and leadership and practical tools that they use immediately to support them in taking a systems approach to the way they work and lead. 


Cass Spong

Cass Spong

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In-house Sessions

This program is only available as an in-house professional development workshop to your organisation.

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