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Leading Through Change

This course aims to support team leaders on how to re-energise teams through change.


IPAA Victoria’s Leading Through Change is designed to equip team leaders and managers with the skills and strategies to re-energise teams through times of change. This course has been curated in response to the challenging times the public purpose sector has experienced over the last few years and continues to experience in the future.

The course is delivered over three sessions.



Session 1

Understanding the psychology of change

This session introduces participants to the behavioural science of uncertainty and stress and focuses on how these factors impact wellbeing and performance, as well as providing protective strategies to support leaders and their team. Participants will walk away with the knowledge and skills to sustain high levels of wellbeing in challenging environments. 

Session overview

Understanding the context 

  • The ABC model.
  • Simple and Wicked environments.

The brain and uncertainty 

  • Overview of the brain.
  • How the brain reacts to change, uncertainty and fear.

Team wellbeing and performance 

  • The science of stress and stress-reduction strategies.
  • Positive change and problem solving techniques.

Individual wellbeing and performance 

  • Your leadership style and behaviours to elevate.
  • Strategies to sustain yourself so you can lead/manage through difficult times.

Session 2

Applying change models

This session focuses on how you can apply best practice change models that put people at the centre of change. Participants will gain insight into the human factors that influence responses to change and enable you to support the people most affected by the change.

Session overview

Understanding human factors in response to change

  • Understand and apply the human psychology of change to meet people where they are at. 
  • Insights from the Kubler-Ross Change Curve.  
  • Relevance for individual and team dynamics.

Knowledge of people-centred change models

  • What a change model is.
  • The benefits of a change model and why they work.   
  • Introduction to people centred change models (ADKAR, Bridges Transition, Kotters 8 steps). 

Practical application of change methods and tools

  • Reflective and interactive activities to apply change methods and tools to a current change leadership challenge.

Execution for sustainable impact

  • Early change impact analysis.
  • Plan, sequence and adapt for success.
  • Reinforcement mechanisms.

Session 3

Courageous Conversations

This session focuses on honing your coaching skills and handling challenging conversations in order to better influence others in navigating change. 

Session overview

Managing the conversation

  • Structuring conversations so they succeed in their goals.
  • Clarifying your transition from colleague to leader. 
  • Setting boundaries and expectations.


  • Active listening and understanding.
  • Showing empathy.
  • Creating clear direction and a sense of purpose. 


  • Giving motivating feedback effectively.
  • Asking effective questions. 
  • Encouraging others to share their ideas. 
  • Maintaining your clarity and composure under pressure. 

Organisational impact

  • Inspiring and being a role model. 
  • Creating a sense of team and unity. 
  • Developing trust. 
  • Maintaining respect and consideration.  



Understanding the psychology of change

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Applying change models

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Courageous Conversations

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In-house Sessions

This program can be delivered in an in-house professional development workshop to your organisation.

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