The Victorian Public Sector in 2022

15 Mar 2022

IPAA Victoria was excited to host an event featuring the head of the Victorian Public Service – Jeremi Moule, Secretary, DPC – as he discussed his views and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that may emerge for the Victorian public sector in 2022.

The event explored what we learned in 2021 that we can apply in 2022, and the importance of delivering excellence in public administration through a period of change and disruption.Jeremi was joined by several other Departmental Secretaries for a panel discussion exploring what this will mean for the delivery of a range of initiatives and services for the community in 2022.The public sector has faced considerable challenges over the past two years, but has also shown extraordinary innovation, creativity and resilience in continuing to deliver positive outcomes for the community. It was enlightening to hear from some of the sector’s most senior leaders on what they have learned during this period and what staff can take forward as we move into 2022 and beyond.The discussion was moderated by Nina Cullen, CEO, IPAA Victoria, and the panel included:
  • Sandy Pitcher, Secretary, DFFH

  • Simon Phemister, Secretary, DJPR

  • Jenny Atta, Secretary, DET

  • John Bradley, Secretary, DELWP and President, IPAA Victoria

Thank you to Jeremi Moule and the panellists.

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