The First 100 Days in Government: What to Expect of an Incoming Government

30 Nov 2022

IPAA Victoria was proud to deliver The First 100 Days in Government: What to Expect of an Incoming Government on Friday 25 November 2022.

Over 600 people joined us online for this insightful webinar Moderated by highly regarded John Merritt (Moderator) with an engaging panel of senior leaders, including Susan Middleditch (Victoria Police), Elizabeth Langdon (Proximity) and Kym Arthur (Department of Health & Human Services).

In keeping with the event’s theme, the engaging panel explored what to expect of the incoming government, what change could look like in the machinery of government, what new public servants could learn from the elections, and how public servants can support one another, find opportunities, slow down to create momentums to sustain and be flexible with our work.

The panellists reflected on their personal experiences and discussed the role of public servants in implementing what the incoming government has a mandate to deliver. In particular, they explored how this might require a mental shift, and how we could use storytelling and narrative to help during the next 100 days.

key insights for new public servants included:

  • The importance of self-care - there is value in keeping some energy in the tank for a few months post-election.

  • Although there will be change, there will be some level of stability and stewardship across the public sector, reflecting the characteristics of machinery of government.

  • See changes through a sense of pride - as the servant for the public.

  • Plan our work with intentionality, expect change but approach changes with positivity.

The panel strongly encourages both new and experienced public servants to take time - to pause and reflect on the notions of change over time. Some departmental changes could take a very long time to implement. Other changes could occur in non-linear, repetitive cycles in every election. Hence prioritising one’s own wellbeing is key to help gain perspectives and manage change.

IPAA Victoria would like to sincerely thank all of the speakers, attendees, and John Merritt for moderating this valuable conversation. We look forward to continuing to drive these important conversations in the future.We look forward to welcoming you to future events and professional development courses.