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Making Difficult Conversations Work

Prepare for and guide difficult conversations towards a common goal and negotiate through challenging exchanges

Making Difficult Conversations Work

IPAA Victoria’s Making Difficult Conversations Work course will equip you to be prepared for and guide difficult conversations towards a common goal while listening to others and empathise with their positions and views. This course delivers a series of vital ‘life lessons’ on managing and negotiating these challenging exchanges.

Course overview

You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Making Difficult Conversations Work by:

  • identifying, analysing, and avoiding mistakes when conducting difficult conversations
  • understanding the importance of maintaining your clarity and composure under pressure to develop trust and mutual respect.

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • prepare and guide a difficult conversation towards a common goal
  • listen to counterparts and empathise with their positions
  • ask effective questions and encourage others to share their ideas
  • maintain clarity and composure under pressure
  • develop trust and maintain mutual respect
  • not leave important issues unresolved.

Course audience

The ideal course participant is someone who:

  • wants to improve your conflict resolution skills
  • is in a role where you provide or encounter, a different viewpoint
  • wants to improve your stakeholder management skills
  • manages staff effectively
  • is frequently involved in highly emotional situations
  • wants to develop, or improve assertive communication skills.

Simple, interactive, informative

Yadwinder Hunan, Department of Transport

It was valuable, far more so than I expected – and the facilitator really was exceptional, he was personable, knowledgeable and just really engaging

Pilot program participant, Department of Transport



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Bruce Hunt-Hughes

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Marg Mills

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In-house Sessions

This program can be delivered in an in-house professional development workshop to your organisation.

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