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How Modern Government Works

Gain clarity and perspective on how government works


How Modern Government Works

IPAA Victoria’s How Modern Government Works will give you clarity and perspective on how government works. Knowledge of the intricate workings and processes of modern government is essential for working confidently and effectively in the public purpose sector.

Course overview

Participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge of How Modern Government Works through:

  • learning the Fundamentals of modern government
  • gaining a greater understanding of the history and processes of government
  • understanding the relevance of your role within the modern system.

Course outcomes

Participants will walk away from the course with an in-depth knowledge of:

  • the role of Parliament and Cabinet
  • the relationship between the Commonwealth, state and local government
  • the role departments play in the larger government context
  • how to navigate through range of challenges that present themselves in the public sector.

Course audience

This course is designed for those who are:

  • new to working within government or the public purpose sector
  • seeking to improve your knowledge of the Westminster system in Victoria and Australia
  • seeking to improve your understanding of the fundamentals of government,
  • seeking to understand your role and how it relates to the Westminster system.

Great for anyone who is new to government or wants a refresher

Olivia, Department of Education and Training

An excellent overview of modern government, as well as a fun way to spend a day. The material was topical and the facilitator was insightful

Mason Keene-McCann, Department of Premier and Cabinet



Greg Gough

Greg Gough

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