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This is a past event

African Victorian Public Purpose and Corporate Leadership: Lessons and Learnings

25 May 2021Online


To mark Africa Day, the IPAA Victoria African-Australian Community of Practice will host its first public forum on Tuesday 25 May 2021.

Join us in an enlightening panel discussion on ‘African Victorian Leadership in the Public Purpose and Corporate Leadership – Lessons and Learnings.’

Although organisations are increasingly investing in building culturally diverse and gender balanced leadership profiles, culturally diverse people are notably under-represented in leadership ranks.

Academic literature often discusses working in a multicultural team as an “issue” to be managed by a team leader in order to reduce team conflict and maximise its creative collaborative potential. However, we know that benefits and importance of cultural diversity in the workplace.

Representation at a leadership level is important.

Event outcomes

Join our panel as they discuss

  • How to crack the corporate glass ceiling.
  • What does multicultural leadership look like?
  • How to bring your culture to the workplace.

Africa Day

Africa Day has been celebrated in Melbourne since 2012. It is an opportunity to bring together in unity the diverse African cultures represented here in Australia to celebrate the economic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural contributions and successes of Australians of all age groups from African descent. It is also an opportunity to highlight the benefits African Australians bring to Australia and the importance of Africa to Australia and the world.


Entsar Hamid

IPAA Victoria Deputy President & General Manager, Government & Stakeholder Engagement and Registry Services Registrations, Victorian Land Registry Service

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Damilola Ogundeji

General Manager, Uber Transit Australia & NZ

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Adel Taha

Head of Home Lending, NAB

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Zione Walker- Nthenda

Director of Community Engagement – Department of Family Fairness and Housing

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Nutifafa Oforikumah (Host)

Data Analyst – Broker Partnerships at NAB

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Date & Time

25 May 2021
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (AEST)