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Advanced Communication Skills

Advanced Communication skills equip staff with the skills to respond and communicate effectively.

IPAA Victoria’s Advanced Communication Skills is designed for public servants who work in customer-facing roles. The course will equip staff with the skills to manage themselves, respond appropriately, communicate effectively, and support their colleagues. Frontline staff are increasingly required to respond to forms of tension in their roles.

Course overview

This course specifically equips staff with the ability to respond appropriately through engaging in difficult conversations, supporting their colleagues who have been unfairly treated and understanding the relevant reporting channels that are available to them. This is a practical and practice-based training that builds competency in the skills of supporting others and responding appropriately by providing participants with a set of guiding principles.  

The course is designed to:

  • Difficult conversations – what to avoid and what to do 
  • Conversation strategies 
  • Seeking support in the workplace 
  • Supporting your colleagues 

Course outcomes

Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of Advanced Communication Skills by:

  • Learn behaviours to help respond to difficult conversations  
  • Practice conversation strategies 
  • Reflect on seeking support in the workplace 
  • Learn approaches to supporting your colleagues after an incident 

Course audience

This course is designed for those who are:

  • This training is for frontline workers who are interacting with members of the public directly (through a customer service role) or indirectly (through working in public spaces).  
  • It is for organisations seeking to equip their frontline workforce with the capacity to respond to inappropriate behaviour from the public and support their colleagues in instances of poor treatment or abuse.


Ananth Gopal

Director, Polykala

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Tom Henderson

Director, Polykala

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In-house Sessions

This program is only available as an in-house professional development workshop to your organisation.

Have any questions regarding Advanced Communication Skills? Contact the IPAA Victoria team today.