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YIPAA Advisory Committee Application Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the YIPAA Advisory Committee. Applications for this round of recruitment close on 28 February 2019.

Being a member of the Committee is a great way to expand your professional networks, develop your leadership skills, and help your colleagues across the YIPAA network to connect, learn and grow.

About the YIPAAs

2018 was a successful year for the IPAA Victoria’s YIPAAs, with a range of well-attended activities aimed at building connections across our community of young professionals. Our activities, which brought members together to discuss and engage on a range of important issues, included:

  • The Young Professionals Budget Briefing Breakfast in May

  • YIPAA Annual Address in July, which included a panel discussion about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • A Forum on Behavioural Insights in Policy Making in December.

In 2019, we are keen to build on our 2018 success by recruiting to and engaging more closely with the YIPAA community. We will actively source their support and suggestions around helping young professionals to connect, learn and grow in response to the emerging challenges in the public purpose sector. 

The YIPAA Advisory Committee provides the leadership, energy and ideas that is essential to this work.

YIPAA Committee Membership Eligibility

While Committee membership is open to all eligible members of the YIPAA community, in 2019 we’re particularly eager to recruit new Committee members with a broad range of interests, skills and experience, especially in event management, innovation, leadership development, marketing, strategic planning or project management. We are also keen to recruit members from a range of public and private sector organisations from across the public purpose sector.

Please note:

  • YIPAA Advisory Committee membership is limited to people under 36 years old who are employees of an IPAA Victoria corporate member, or who are personal member of IPAA Victoria.

  • All YIPAA Committee members are expected to attend YIPAA Committee meetings (approx. 6 per year); actively contribute to the work of the Committee; and to attend YIPAA events. In addition, Committee members are expected to abide by IPAA Victoria’s Communities of Practice Terms of Reference

To assist IPAA Victoria and the YIPAA Advisory Committee consider your application, please provide the information requested below.

For further information about the YIPAA Advisory Committee and this application process, please contact IPAA Victoria’s membership team.

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