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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

This hands-on half-day workshop guides participants through a step-by-step framework for strategic planning, which is specifically geared to solving complex problems in the public sector. Renowned facilitator Dr Dahle Suggett will introduce you to a Strategic Planning Framework that includes effective methods and tools for inquiry, data collection, and building the conditions for collaboration and innovation in a planning team. This practical course uses real-life case studies of strategic planning as its main teaching tool – and requires participants to reflect on their own work in developing strategies as part of a group.

Who is this course designed for?

Our Strategic planning course is designed for managers and team members in the public sector, particularly those who have a planning or policy development role or who are embarking upon a major strategic planning task. It is also suitable for those who are about to move into management positions, and are seeking to be prepared with planning tools to complement their leadership skills.

This half day course builds on the Strategic Thinking course and guides participants through a step-by-step framework for strategic planning in the public sector context.

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