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Robust Governance and Integrity Award

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Robust Governance and Integrity Award

Delivering resilient public entities and embedding integrity

Good public sector governance not only ensures that a public entity achieves its objectives but that the community can have faith in the public sector to act with integrity. This award celebrates new and innovative approaches to public sector governance; the processes and structures by which public entities are directed, controlled and held to account.


Nominations will be judged against each of the specified criteria. Suitable evidence is required against each criteria for the judging panel to determine a score. Where a criteria is deemed to be not met as a result of no evidence being provided, a score against that criteria will not be recorded. Each and all nominations are to be evaluated against all criteria:*

  1. Clear evidence of a commitment to the goals of diversity and inclusion

  2. An innovative, new or unique approach to governance

  3. Lifting public sector accountability, integrity and performance, to deliver organisational core purpose/objectives

  4. Understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities (internal and external)

  5. A positive and ethical organisational culture

  6. Effective systems and processes to support the governance approach

  7. Compliance with statutory and/or other legal obligations

  8. Flexibility to adapt and respond to changing circumstances

  9. Above standard practice relative to the organisation size and its core business.

*Nominations in this category may include initiatives delivering against a wide variety of governance outcomes, for example, risk management, culture, strategy, stakeholder relations, performance, compliance and accountability, project governance and ethics.

Nominations Tips

Each year our judges tell us that evidence is critical to an award-winning nomination. Be sure to provide data and evidence to support the statements you make in your nomination.

  1. You should provide evidence that the project or initiative has been substantially developed and delivered.

  2. Nominations should provide evidence of the actual impact the project or initiative has had. If there is little evidence of such, include as substantial an idea as possible of the anticipated impact.

  3. The nominee doesn’t necessarily need to provide evidence of their direct involvement in the project or initiative.

  4. Make sure you address all of the criteria for the award category you’re nominating in.

  5. Write clearly, to the point, and back up your statements.

  6. Be sure to use the option to provide supporting documents. This is your chance to show, rather than tell, of your project or initiative’s merit.

  7. That said, curate what you provide as supporting documents. Our judges have to examine a number of nominations; don’t make it hard for them to find the compelling evidence.

  8. If you have a query, email awards@vic.ipaa.org.au.