IPAA Victoria




Better decision making through a risk based approach.

The Risk Community of Practice focuses on harnessing the power of risk based decision making to achieve outcomes and innovation. We do this by educating and informing at all levels, from those beginning their careers, to those leading programs across the Victorian Public Sector.

Being part of our community means having access to expert knowledge and local networking opportunities not available anywhere else.

Our members work across health, education, transport environment/planning, law and order, emergency services, economic development and social services and are in small to large organisations.

Why become a Member?

Being a member of the Community of Practice positions you to:

  • Tap into Networking Opportunities
    Being a Member gives you access to valuable networking channels

  • Access the Latest Knowledge and Expertise
    Members have access to intelligence and resources across key topics including cyber security, organisational resilience, and interagency risk at their disposal through free events and leading experts

  • Secure a Professional Advantage
    The knowledge and connections you gain through the CoP membership benefits both you and your organisation; enhancing your position as a valued employee or outstanding candidate.


This Community of Practice is proudly championed by:

Advisory Committee

Committee members:

Patrick Ow (Chair)
Krist Hornby (Deputy Chair)
Terri Bateman
Natasha Burhop
Anna Curran
Nicole Cowley
Jacquie Delord
David Hawkins
Mowen Lee
Sylwia Logan
Donna Luker
Jeeva Maistry
Amy McWilliam
Mohit Patiyal
Simone Rogers
Militsa Toskovska