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Reviewing and Proofreading

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Reviewing and Proofreading

Too often the different stages of reviewing – structural editing, copy editing and proofreading – are rushed or ignored. As a result, information circulates in reports, websites, and correspondence which leads to confusion and ambiguity. It is too much of a risk, given that your written content can often make or break professional relationships.

This practical half-day course will provide you with a strategic method of reviewing and a systematic approach to proofreading, based on the guidelines in the Australian Government’s Style manual.

Let’s get reviewing.

“Amazing training that you can put in to practice as soon as you leave the room! ”
— Tam Moore, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
100% of course attendees agreed that Reviewing and Proofreading gave them skills they could immediately apply in their role.
— 2018 IPAA Victoria feedback surveys

What to expect…

IPAA Victoria’s Reviewing and Proofreading workshop uses a variety of interactive and group tasks, written language critiques, and sample document reviews to convey its key messages and lessons.

Participants will receive a workbook with practical tips and writing guidelines.

Why you should attend…

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the distinctive roles of reviewers and proofreaders

  • Learn and apply essential proofreading skills to produce professional quality documents

  • Identify and minimise the risk of common errors appearing in your documents

  • Ensure your documents follow a consistent style and a clear and logical structure

  • Optimise layouts to convey concepts and information easily and with impact

  • Ensure your documents adhere to the style, needs and knowledge of their intended audience

  • Use the Australian Government’s Style manual to check current conventions of good public sector writing.

How this course applies to you… 

After completion, you will be equipped with the methods and strategies used to effectively edit and proofread documents with accuracy and clarity –all while creating a powerful and positive impact using your words.

Who should attend?

This course is on your to-do list if you;

  • Write and edit original texts

  • Edit documents on behalf of colleagues

  • Are a writer, editor, or contractor for any department or organisation

  • Want to develop your writing and editing skills.

When and where?

Attend one of the IPAA Victoria sessions below, or book a session for your team in-house.

Our facilitator is able to adapt the course content to suit specific audiences and needs.

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IPAA Victoria’s Capability Framework for the Modern Public Purpose Workforce, derived from our consultations with the sector, reflects the diverse range of skills and capabilities that need to be present within public purpose teams.

Reviewing and Proofreading will help to develop your public purpose sector core skills in:

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Reviewing and Proofreading will build your capabilities in:

Facilitated by

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Christine Misso

Christine Misso delivers a wide variety of compelling and entertaining writing courses to public, not-for-profit and business audiences across Australia and overseas. A professional editor and proofreader, Christine has many years of experience producing high-quality documents for government and corporate clients. Known for her flawless editing and her enthusiasm, Christine delivers a course that is both stimulating and rewarding – and invariably draws praise from its participants.


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