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Welcome to the YIPAA Peer Plus Mentoring Program for 2017.

This is your central information area for resources to support your mentoring activities this year, and we do encourage you to explore what is on offer.

Getting Started

In preparation for the Commencement Workshop on 15 March 2017, access some pre-workshop resources here to get your mentoring experience off to a great start.

Commencement Workshop

Access the presentations and worksheets from the Commencement Workshop on 15 March 2017.


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General Resources

Access general mentoring and support resources which may assist you during your mentoring relationship

Mentoring Resources

As a Mentor in our program, you have access to an additional range of resources to support your mentoring partnership and conversation

Mentee Resources

Access an additional range of resources that support your experience as a mentee

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Partnership Resources

Enhance your mentoring partnership by exploring some of our additional partnership resources

Fact Sheets

For a quick mentoring conversation starter, please view our mentoring fact sheets.

Mentoring Mindset

Our monthly Peer Plus Newsletter: Mentoring Mindset includes additional mentoring education, ideas and support, along with updates on the mentoring program.

Mentoring Community

Peer Plus Mentoring Program includes a Linked In private group as a way for us all to build our mentoring community.

Contact Us

If you require any advice or additional support to your mentoring activities during the year, please do not hesitate to contact:

Andrew Beech Jones
Peer Plus Coordinator, IPAA Victoria
T: 03 9653 2000 E: abeechjones@vic.ipaa.org.au

Building the capacity, integrity and reputation of the public sector in Victoria