IPAA Victoria

Meet our Speakers for Public Sector Week 2019

Meet our speakers for PSW2019

Session 1 - How Can the Public Sector Support Aboriginal Self-determination?

Session 2 - Has Australia Lost its Success Mojo?

Session 3 - Is Community Engagement a Waste of Time?

Session 4 - The Great Debate: Who is Portrayed Better in Film and Television - (Government) Lawyers or Public Servants?

Session 5 - The Future of Work?

Session 6 - Why Should The Public Sector Care About Sustainable Development?

Session 7 - How can we Navigate Transformation and Disruption in the Public Sector?

Session 8 - Is Merit in the Public Sector a Myth?

Session 9 - What Does it Take For Young Professionals to Succeed in the Public Sector?

Session 10 - Why Does the Community Trust the Public Sector?

Session 11 - IPAA Victoria - Who We Are, What We Are Producing, What We Mean to the Public Sector

Session 12 - I Know the Public Sector, So Ask Me Anything

Session 13 - What Does a High-Performing Leader Look Like in 2030?

Session 14 - Can the Public Sector Truly Collaborate and Be Innovative?