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Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation and Assessment

What are the best tools and methods to help us discover if our programs and projects are really making a difference?

Program evaluation in the public sector is a tricky science. Although experience shows us, time and again, that evaluation is more effective when it is embedded at the beginning of a program, issues of resources or political expediency often mean that evaluation is ‘tacked on’ as an additional exercise at the end of a program – to provide ‘evidence’ of its success.

So how can we ensure that monitoring and evaluation processes are built in as integral components of public sector programs? What are the right methods and tools to use? In this hands-on workshop, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the different types of evaluation and their alignment to program time frames and maturity. The opportunities and challenges of evaluating complex and intersecting programs will be addressed – and examples from cutting-edge evaluation practice used to highlight the power of evaluation in public policy environments.

Who is this course designed for?

Program evaluation is critical not only in assessing the effectiveness of our work, but in supporting accountability, improvement and learning. This full-day workshop is targeted at public sector managers, and those who plan, conduct and review programs.

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