Reviewing and Proofreading - 18 May 2017

18th May 17

Few people can right high quality documents without at least some polishing before the final version is ready. Effective proofreading and editing ensures your documents are written with accuracy and clarity and create a powerful and positive impact.

Too often these stages of writing are ignored. As a result, written information circulates in reports, websites, brochures, correspondence or emails that is confusing, ambiguous or embarrassing.

This half-day course will give you a strategic method of reviewing and a systematic approach to proofreading based on the guidelines in the Australian Government’s Style Manual.

You will benefit by

  • learning and applying essential proofreading skills to produce professional quality documents that are consistent in style and error-free
  • learning how to consider the needs, interests and knowledge of your intended reader
  • checking whether the structure of your document creates a clear and logical structure
  • minimising risk by avoiding ambiguity and removing potentially costly errors
  • ensuring your paragraphs, sentences and words create a document that is clear, accurate and easy to read
  • maximising your layout to convey concepts and information easily and clearly
  • using the Australian Government’s Style Manual to ensure current conventions of good writing practice and consistency across documents

Your presenter

Christine Misso, Consultant


Cost: Individual
Personal Member $523.00
Non - Member $715.00
Bronze $550.00
Silver $468.00
Gold $440.00
Platinum $413.00

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IPAA Victoria Boardroom, Level 3, 37 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at those seeking clarity and assistance to apply quality control measures to their own or other people’s documents such as reports, ministerial briefs, correspondence, minutes or publications.

Dates & Times

18 May 2017
9:30 am - 1:00pm

Please call (03)9653 2000 or email to be added to our waitlist.


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