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Our Courses

IPAA Victoria runs a variety of professional development courses to suit your career needs. We are renowned for delivering professional development courses which are tailored to meet the needs of the Public Sector. Our courses are delivered by a faculty of professionals with vast Public Sector experience, covering vital career areas such as: 

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  • Change Management in the Public Service

    Today’s Victorian public sector leader is expected to deliver on ambitious visions in a rapidly changing environment. If you are leading change at a team or organisational level, this half-day course is for you.

  • Get to the Point

    We all know the importance of documents that ‘get to the point’, but how do we do that without wasting time on endless drafts? This half day course uses conceptual framework for clear and concise professional writing that will help you craft strong, targeted messages for your readers.

  • Gain the Policy Edge

    Our renowned 5 day policy intensive. This innovative program is aimed at senior government officers and managers who want to develop their policy skills and leadership potential. It challenges participants to think cleverly about policy.

  • How Modern Government Works

    This one-day interactive course will help improve the quality of your work by unlocking the codes and conventions of how modern government works, particularly in the face of a combination of social, economic and global challenges. 

  • Improve your Decision Making

    This course is designed to provide you with knowledge, skills and tools to make better decisions. As the environment in which public and private sector organisations operate becomes more competitive, complex and uncertain, the need for individuals and organisations to make good decisions is more important than ever.

  • Presenting with Confidence

    Learn how to use your adrenaline to work for you; not against you. This unique program enables you to practice and polish your speaking and delivery skills in a safe environment.

  • Project Management

    This innovative program is aimed at project officers and managers who want to develop their strategic project management capability. It challenges participants to think cleverly and strategically about implementation and project management in the public sector.

  • Reviewing and Proofreading

    This half-day course will give you a strategic method of reviewing and a systematic approach to proofreading based on the guidelines in the Australian Government’s Style Manual.

  • Speech Writing

    “I need to make a speech!” Six little words that can make for a bad week. But there is a way to survive and even enjoy it. This course provides a guide to how to produce a speech that gets the job done and more: how to open strongly.  

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Having effective strategies and systems to encourage good stakeholder engagement is increasingly a requirement for public bodies. This course will review engagement standards, such as IAP2 and AA1000, and look at online tools that can assist you in the management of your engagement activities. 

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning helps us to think through and plan what we want to achieve and how it will be best achieved. This half day workshop builds on the strategic thinking workshop and guides participants through a step-by-step framework to create a strategic plan.

  • Strategic Thinking

    This half day course explores a framework for approaching your day-to-day work more strategically. Irrespective of your role, it will assist improve your capacity to tackle any task that involves planning for change. 

  • Writing Briefs for Decision Makers

    A regular facilitator of training programs for Victorian Public Sector Agencies about clear writing, Anne’s ability to engage with participants and identify their needs ensures good outcomes for showing you how to construct effective and focused briefs for decision makers in this half day workshop.

  • Write Right

    In today’s business environment it is vital that your documents are written with clarity and impact to generate the desired results. This workshop provides current best practice based on the guidelines in the Australian Government Style Manual. 

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