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Producing Persuasive Reports and Proposals

Producing Persuasive Reports and Proposals

The presentation of a compelling report or business case can be the difference between yesterday’s good idea and tomorrow’s funded project. Even the most experienced public servant can find the complexities of their work getting in the way of a well-written, well-constructed report. But this challenge can be made easier by identifying the key goals and insights of your proposal – and devising a clear narrative for revealing them to your audience.

At the heart of a ‘killer report’ is clarity of insight, which derives from meaningful purpose and clear analysis and solutions. This full-day workshop provides a practical framework for preparing a persuasive report, designed to suit the real-life needs of participants. Focusing on helping to make complex communication more straightforward, the methods you’ll learn can also be applied to writing clear and effective executive summaries and well-structured business presentations.

Who is this course designed for?

This new IPAA Victoria workshop is ideal for anyone in the public sector who is required to contribute to reports, submissions or proposals designed to help others make decisions. Participants who are in the process of drafting reports or business cases can also bring their drafts along to be dissected and discussed.

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