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Public sector procurement can be a daunting prospect, constrained by rigid rules and legislation. If you have responsibility for overseeing a goods or services contract, this course may offer you some peace.

Do you know what policies and standards relate to your procurement? Can you find a reliable supplier and guarantee probity, while ensuring value for money for your department? To navigate these complex waters, IPAA Victoria has teamed up with the industry-leading procurement experts at Grosvenor Management Consulting (Grosvenor) to offer a full-day course that examines all the ins and outs of modern public sector procurement.

Who is this course designed for?

IPAA Victoria’s Procurement course is aimed at most levels of policy or project management staff (VPS 3-6) who may be responsible for procuring or supporting all or part of goods or services contracts within the public sector. Participants may be from central procurement teams or from policy, program and service functions which undertake procurement activities.

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