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The Mentoring Mindset - July 2019

The Mentoring Mindset

Welcome to the third edition of The Mentoring Mindset for 2019, your monthly Peer Plus Mentoring Program newsletter to assist you in developing great partnerships and meaningful conversations.

This month, in the short video below we’re talking about Foundations.

This is a critical time in our life when we are challenged by so much information, all clamouring for our attention and driving us to change our ways.  Never before has it been more important to really hone in on the foundations that will guide your life, personal development, professional aspirations, and career – just to name a few.  The video does not give you the method – but merely aims to call your attention to the opportunity to think about, reflect upon, explore in discussions, and then engage with in action to develop the foundations that will hold you steady and safe, and allow you to build upon as you move through your life. The mentoring conversation is the IDEAL space to select for this conversation.

Have a great mentoring month!


Video - Exploring Foundations

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Further reading

Thanks for taking the time to watch the short video on Foundations. To support your thinking, you might like to look at two interesting links:

  • The Daily Stoic website, most particularly their list of most popular articles to explore the theory of stoicism and principles that can help you to discover your own foundations

  • The Good Life Project’s Sparketypes Assessment, designed to help you understand more about what you are actually doing with your life and how this might relate to your foundations.

Both of the above websites also have related podcasts and communities that you can connect with, to further help you deepen your personal commitment to building solid foundation to guide you ahead.  Remember – foundations are the cornerstone of building anything – from infrastructure to life! 

What foundations are you using to build yours?

Andrew Beech Jones