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The Mentoring Mindset - August 2019

The Mentoring Mindset

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Mentoring Mindset for 2019, your monthly Peer Plus Mentoring Program newsletter to assist you in developing great partnerships and meaningful conversations.

This month's short video provides you with five key strategies that you might like to consider to enhance this time in your own mentoring conversation.

The mid way point of an intentional mentoring partnership is a wonderful time to press the pause button and to consider your progress to this point. The aim of this pause is to reflect on you progress, review your partnership, and recommit to the next few months of your development and mentoring conversation.

Have a great mentoring month!


Reminder – Photovoice Snapshots!

As the Peer Plus Mentoring has gone half-way towards the end, we’re keen to remind you about our Photovoice project for mentee participants.

Sharing photos of your lived experience! | Jack Moreh: Photographer

Sharing photos of your lived experience! | Jack Moreh: Photographer

Photovoice is a great and easy way to capture mentees’ lived experiences through your own snapshots. Because we value your expression, we again encourage you to participate in the Photovoice project with 10 photos. They can be either barriers and enablers or a symbolic picture of your personal stories during the program. Or basically anything that interests you!

Click to see our guide to Photovoice

Then upload your photos that you’ve taken so far here or email them to Andrew.

In the following few months, Rainy, our new staff member, will take you along the way with some interviews and a showcase of the Photovoice project from the Peer Plus Mentoring Program 2019.

Please share your photos with us! We are excited to learn about your amazing ideas and experiences (good or bad).


Reminder - Public Sector Week 2019

You’ve probably heard plenty from IPAA Victoria about Public Sector Week 2019, coming up very soon from 19-23 August.

We’d like to highlight what we think are some of the most relevant (and affordably priced) sessions for Peer Plus Mentoring Program participants. They could be a chance for mentees to gain new insights and ideas, or an opportunity for your partnership/group to attend together and spark some great conversations, while also counting as your August meeting.

IPAA Victoria Public Sector Week

IPAA Victoria Public Sector Week


Further reading

Thanks for taking the time to watch the short video on  Checking in with your Partnership.  To support your thinking and subsequent actions, you might like to consider:

  • Using the Mid Partnership Meeting Agenda in your resource book. This agenda is a great guide to help you facilitate this mentoring conversation.

  • Watching this inspiring video below from Neale Daniher. What is your one wish? This is an exceptional video and message from Neale Daniher. As you consider the challenges that 2019 has brought and how your mentoring relationships are progressing, that we all take to heart the words of Neale: 'That we can conduct ourselves in the right manner in the face of hardship and when things get tough.' It's an inspiring message and one that resonates with the qualities that we all hope to develop in our mentoring conversations.

Andrew Beech Jones