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The Mentoring Mindset - April 2019

The Mentoring Mindset

Welcome to the first edition of The Mentoring Mindset for 2019, your monthly Peer Plus Mentoring Program newsletter to assist you in developing great partnerships and meaningful conversations.

Thank you to the many of you who were able to attend the opening event on Wednesday 13 March. It was terrific to meet you all, feeling the energy and the emerging synergy in the room as everyone came together in their new pairs and groups. It’s always a very positive way to start our mentoring journey together – so our thanks to everyone for making it a super day!

See below for program news, key dates, and plenty of tips and resources to support your mentoring month.


Peer Plus Mentoring Webinar - Wednesday 22 May

Gilly Johnson, Australian Mentor Centre

Gilly Johnson, Australian Mentor Centre

We are excited to invite you to our first Peer Plus Mentoring Program participant webinar, coming up 12:00pm - 1:00pm on Wednesday 22 May 2019.

Facilitated by Gilly Johnson, the webinar will give you the opportunity to:

  • ask questions about any challenges you’ve faced as a mentee or mentor

  • gather tips for enhancing your mentoring conversation in the next 3 months

  • learn strategies for tackling contemporary mentoring topics

  • share ideas with fellow Peer Plus Mentoring participants.

The webinar will include a mix of presentation, online discussions and information sharing so that you walk away with a sense of your progress to date ALONG with new information to take forward in the coming months of your mentoring conversations.

Register for the webinar here.

Tips to help you this month…

The first 100 days of your mentoring partnership are a really important time.  If you can begin with the end in mind, this is a great start to achieving your personal mentoring aspirations for the program.  Here’s three tips to help you start well in the coming month:

1.       Complete your mentoring agreement – this is a great tool to ensure you’ve discussed all the important elements about your partnership or group. Make sure to send through a copy to Andrew too!

2.       Identify up to five key areas of focus that you intend to work on in your mentoring partnership/group this year.  Get started on at least one of these.

3.       Use the Conversation | Action | Research (CAR) model to help you think outside the square a little. Remember – include some action in your mentoring endeavours.

4.       Review the ideas from our GroupMap activity in our mentee session for additional ideas to take forward in your mentoring conversations.

5.       Reflect on your own personal commitment to your development and progress this year – really hone in on how you want to BE as a mentee or mentor this year.

And if you need a little help in thinking about the mindset that you want to take forward to your partnership – check out this TED video by Dr Carol Dweck on the Power of Believing that you Can Improve.

Mentees are already sending us creative expressions of their experience so far!

Mentees are already sending us creative expressions of their experience so far!

Photovoice - Be involved in an innovative evaluation!

Photovoice is a visual evaluation tool which can give voice to your lived experience of the Peer Plus Mentoring Program. We would really like you to be involved in this innovative evaluation because:

·         We value your thoughts/expression.

·         It is an effective method to engage with fellow participants and the wider mentoring community (via exhibitions, photobooks, visual presentations etc.).

We ask you to do one simple thing – take pictures of your program experience, and upload or email them to the Program Coordinator.

See our guide to Photovoice here

More resources

As part of your involvement in the Peer Plus Mentoring Program you have access to a secure set of resources, such as our Mentee and Mentor e-learning modules to enhance and support your experiences.  Do take a moment and explore the Resources.   Plus this year you have access to the Mentorloop system to support your mentoring conversations!

Have a great mentoring month!