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Managing Budgets and Financial Plans

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Managing Budgets and Financial Plans

As a foundational introduction to public sector budgeting, this workshop provides vital tools for team leaders, program managers and project managers who may benefit from a basic knowledge of budgeting in their day-to-day work, aiming to overcome some of the mystery that traditionally surrounds public sector budgets.

“As a finance professional I was really impressed by
the delivery of some complex government accounting
principles in an easy and engaging workshop. I highly
recommend this course for all levels of your organisation”
— Bryce King, Department of Education and Training
100% of attendees agreed that Managing Budgets and Financial Plans provided them skills to build their capability.
— 2018 IPAA Victoria feedback surveys

Who should attend?

This course is on your to-do list if you;

  • are a program or project manager with budget and cost centre responsibilities

  • are a team leader

  • are a member of an agency or business unit finance team

  • want to improve your budget knowledge and skills.

When and where?

Attend one of the IPAA Victoria sessions below, or book a session for your team in-house.

Our facilitator is able to adapt the course content to suit specific audiences and needs.

What to expect…

This full-day workshop will provide you with practical tools and techniques to help you manage your budget in a public sector environment. The workshop will draw on a case study to demonstrate a range of skills for effectively managing a budget in a government agency or business. The sessions can also be tailored to include specific financial management policies and/or reporting formats from participants’ organisations or tiers of government.

Why you should attend…

By the end of the workshop, you will have developed:

  • a practical understanding of government budgeting frameworks and processes, and the core information requirements for budgeting

  • core skills for developing and adapting budgets, and monitoring and reporting on budgets

  • an understanding of the difference between an accrual budget and a cash budget

  • knowledge of how to manage your budget consistently with whole-of-government processes.

How this course applies to you… 

After leaving this workshop, you will be able to apply contemporary budgeting practice, concepts and terminology into your everyday work practices, ensuring that you allocate and understand public sector budgeting correctly.

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IPAA Victoria’s Capability Framework for the Modern Public Purpose Workforce, derived from our consultations with the sector, reflects the diverse range of skills and capabilities that need to be present within public purpose teams.

Managing Budgets and Financial Plans will help to develop your public purpose sector core skills in:

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Managing Budgets and Financial Plans will build your capabilities in:

Facilitated by

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Mark Priadko

Mark Priadko is a highly regarded consultant and facilitator, with a deep knowledge of financial management gained from many years in executive roles in the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Analysing and presenting data was a central part of Mark’s work as a budget analyst and executive in Treasury. Analysing data is now a major ingredient of his work in reviewing organisations and projects, while presenting data is a major part of the reports he produces to reveal his findings to public sector clients.


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