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Making Difficult Conversations Work

Making Difficult Conversations Work

Tough conversations can make or break a working relationship. But often all it takes is a little prudence and preparation to turn a problematic conversation into a productive and mutually beneficial one.

Often our biggest work challenges come down to those hard conversations that we avoid, or – even worse – handle poorly and regret later on. Now, thanks to IPAA Victoria and the behavioural insights team at Method9, there is a training course that can help us negotiate the most common pitfalls of conversations in public sector workplaces – and work more collaboratively with our colleagues and partners to address key issues around performance improvement and behaviour.

Who is this course designed for?

This half-day workshop delivers a series of vital ‘life lessons’ on managing and negotiating challenging conversations, which are equally applicable to executives and senior managers as to junior staff who might encounter discordant or contradictory viewpoints in their work. The common nature of these lessons mean they can also be used to help managers develop coaching skills and better influence their employees on behavioural challenges in the workplace.

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