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Key Information for Mentors


Key Information for Mentors - Peer Plus Mentoring Program

The Peer Plus Mentoring Program aims to assist mentor participants to share experience and contribute to the next generation of public sector leaders, including opportunities to:

  • Develop mentoring and leadership skills to assist their own career development

  • Engage with less experienced colleagues outside of their current organisational structures

  • Advance their understanding of the contemporary experience of early career professionals in the public sector

Mentor Program Requirements and Applications

The Peer Plus Mentoring Program could not run without the support of our wonderful mentor group.

In 2019, we’ll be looking for professionals working in or with the public sector in Victoria who are interested in undertaking the role of a Mentor. Ideally, we are seeking mentors who:

  • Are able to commit to approximately one hour of contact time per month with their Mentee

  • Have at least 5-10 years experience working in or with the public sector (Local, State or Commonwealth) or equivalent industry experience

  • Are interested in supporting the growth and development of public sector professionals in the foundation years of their career

  • Are skilled and confident in building positive relationships with other individuals or small groups (maximum 2 mentees)

  • Demonstrate mentoring objectives that reflect the general attributes of participant success (listed below).

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to your Mentee(s) by attending the compulsory mentoring events on 13 March 2019 (half-day workshop) and 4 December 2019 (evening function).

  • Honour a time commitment of at least one hour mentoring contact per month, for a duration of nine months

Registrations from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff working in or with the public sector are warmly welcomed. At least three positions in the program are identified as Indigenous mentor positions.

General Attributes of Participant Success

The Peer Plus Mentoring Program is a voluntary activity which means that members must have a strong desire to participate as either a mentee or mentor. Experience in the program has shown that the following attributes contribute to participant success:

  • Availability of approximately one hour per month to focus on mentoring conversations, activities and building a trusting mentoring relationship

  • Willingness to build a mentoring relationship that is based on regular contact, open and honest discussions, respect for diversity in the mentoring partnership, and building a platform of respect and trust.

  • Acknowledgement that mentoring is not a substitute for other skill development practices (eg. coaching and training) or emotional support systems (eg. counselling) – mentoring is focused on career and professional development conversations.

  • Acknowledgement that participation in the program does not guarantee career progression or the achievement of specific positions working in or with the public service

  • Commitment to creating a realistic developmental agenda so that the mentoring partnership makes progress – this partnership is not just a social conversation.

  • Acceptance of personal accountability in relation to the role of Mentee and Mentor.

Nominations for the 2019 program are now closed.