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Innovative Regulation Award

Innovative Regulation Award

Smart approaches to regulating; for a better community and stronger economy

Regulation is essential for the proper functioning of our society and the economy, and has a flow-on to productivity and general community wellbeing. This award recognises innovation and excellence in approaches to best practice regulatory design and policy, and includes, but is not limited to, achieving future-oriented regulatory design and practice, regulatory reform, and high quality evidence, analysis and stakeholder consultation.


Nominations should demonstrate and provide evidence of:

  1. A future-oriented and innovative or unique approach to regulation

  2. Partnership(s) and collaboration to achieve better outcomes for the community and economy

  3. A robust evidence base and use of the evidence base to inform design and implementation

  4. An effective response to the underlying causes of the regulation need or problem

  5. Flexibility and sustainability, including cost-effectiveness

  6. Ease of interpretation and implementation by the public and business community (as applicable)

  7. Alignment with the organisation’s purpose to deliver public value.

Nominations are now closed.

The Innovative Regulation Award is proudly sponsored by Department of Justice and Community Safety

Nominations Tips

Each year our judges tell us that evidence is critical to an award-winning nomination. Be sure to provide data and evidence to support the statements you make in your nomination.

  1. If your project or initiative is still in its infancy and you don’t have any tangible evidence to support its nomination, you might want to consider applying in a subsequent year.

  2. Make sure you address all of the criteria for the award category you’re nominating in.

  3. Write clearly, to the point, and back up your statements.

  4. Be sure to use the option to provide supporting documents. This is your chance to show, rather than tell, of your project or initiative’s merit.

  5. That said, curate what you provide as supporting documents. Our judges have to examine a number of nominations; don’t make it hard for them to find the compelling evidence.

  6. If you have a query, email awards@vic.ipaa.org.au.