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Get to the Point

Get to the Point

We all know the importance of documents that ‘get to the point’. But how do we do that without wasting time on endless drafts?

This hands-on, half-day workshop uses conceptual frameworks for clear and concise professional writing, which will help you craft strong, targeted messages – and write effectively for specific audiences. It provides practical tips and memorable guidance for anyone involved in writing or producing reports, policy briefs, or other documents that need to convey their messages in a clear, structured and convincing fashion.

Who is this course designed for?

IPAA Victoria has teamed up with SenateSHJ in a course suited to any public sector employee who is required to produce reports, briefs or policy papers as part of their regular work. It is designed for anyone who wants to write with more clarity and direction – or wishes to break out of bad writing habits. The course is capped at 14 participants – so be quick if you want to join in!

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