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IPAA Victoria Fellowship is awarded annually to members in recognition of their outstanding contribution to public administration; the creation of public value; the achievement of the IPAA Victoria’s objectives and service to IPAA Victoria; and exemplary service and leadership to the local, Victoria, national and/or international community through their professional work in, or with, the public sector. IPAA Victoria Fellows are drawn from diverse backgrounds and are leaders who act with integrity, upholding IPAA Victoria’s values.

New Fellows are nominated by current Fellows and awarded in Victoria each year, following Awards Committee endorsement and Board approval.

Benefits of Fellowship

IPAA Victoria Fellowship represents one of the highest honours bestowed upon members by the institute. Once admitted, Fellows join a prestigious list of Victorian leaders who work in, or with, the public sector.

IPAA Victoria Fellows

Recognised for their outstanding contribution to public administration, achievement of the Institute's objectives and exemplary service to the Victorian community.

Nominate for Fellowship

Each year our Fellows are invited to nominate colleagues or peers for IPAA Victoria Fellowship. Nominations are generally invited to be submitted in June.

Photos & Videos

90th Anniversary Dinner

IPAA Victoria celebrated its 90th Anniversary at a special dinner with IPAA Victoria Fellows and guests in Melbourne on 20 June 2019.

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