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Fellow Nomination

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IPAA Victoria Fellowship Nominations - 2019

Each year our Fellows are invited to nominate colleagues or peers for IPAA Victoria Fellowship. In 2017 the IPAA Victoria Board adopted a new Fellowship Policy (revised in 2018). Under this policy the criteria, process, and required information regarding the awarding of Fellowship changed.

Below is an outline of all the information you'll need to know and consider in making a nomination.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Nominees must be financial Personal Members of IPAA Victoria who have held Personal Membership for a minimum of 12 months. An unsuccessful nominee may be renominated in subsequent years.

To find out if your nominee meets this requirement please contact us on (03) 9653 2000.

Who can nominate new Victorian Fellows?

Nominations are made, endorsed and submitted by two financial IPAA Victoria Fellows. View list of Our Fellows. A nomination must be made with the consent of the nominee. Finally, Fellows may submit multiple nominations.

What information is required for a nomination?

  1. Contact details of the nominee

  2. Contact details of the two financial IPAA Victoria Fellows (nominators)

  3. A response to each criterion made by the nominators, max 600 words in total and submitted in Word Doc or PDF

  4. A 150 word statement on the importance of Fellowship written by the nominee, submitted in a Word Doc or PDF

  5. Contact details of two referees in response to Criterion 4.

During the process, IPAA Victoria may request further information on a nominee.

What are the nomination assessment criteria?

There are four nomination assessment criteria found below. A further explanation and detailed information of each criterion can be found here in the Fellowship Policy under Section 3.2 Criteria.

Criterion 1: Demonstrated service and leadership
IPAA Victoria Fellows are recognised successful leaders who work in, or with, the public sector.

Criteria 2: Significant contribution to the creation and on-going realisation of public value
IPAA Victoria Fellows are committed to the realisation of public value in the work they do at local, state, regional, international and/or inter-jurisdictional levels.

Criterion 3: Established commitment to the broader public sector and IPAA Victoria
IPAA Victoria Fellows are champions of the public sector including through the work of IPAA Victoria.

Criterion 4: Acts with integrity and upholds high ethical standards, reflecting the values that IPAA Victoria embraces
IPAA Victoria Fellows are ethical leaders and act with integrity, upholding the values that IPAA Victoria embraces.

IPAA Victoria's values:

  1. We are agile and responsive to the needs and views of our members.

  2. We are inclusive and embrace diversity.

  3. We connect and collaborate.

  4. We adopt the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.

  5. We are reflective, innovative and committed to continuous improvement.

What are the key dates?

Nominations open Monday 26 August.

Nominations close 5:00pm Friday 4 October.

How do I make a nomination?

  1. Review the IPAA Victoria Fellowship Policy (revised 2018) and assessment criteria above.

  2. Ensure your nominee is a Personal Member of IPAA Victoria.

  3. Find another Fellow to co-nominate the nomination.

  4. Prepare your nomination materials, as outlined above. This may include PDF and Word Doc files, which can be uploaded on our online nomination form.

  5. Submit your nomination by the closing date.

Who can I contact if I need further information?

If you require any information or clarification, please contact us on (03) 9653 2000.