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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2018, IPAA Victoria has introduced a unique full-day course for principled public sector leaders and employees who want to make discrimination a thing of the past.

While the Victorian public sector is generally supportive of diversity and inclusion, there is no doubt that much more needs to be done to make everyone feel at home in our workplaces – and to ensure that we reflect and respect the community we’re working for. In 2018, IPAA Victoria has teamed up with the leadership development experts at Polykala to offer a uniquely experiential workshop that will help public sector employees feel the tangible benefits of gender, racial and cultural diversity – and give them the tools to be a power for good in their workplaces.

Our Diversity and inclusion workshop distils the lessons of seven years of consultation and collaboration between Polykala and government and not-for-profit organisations across Victoria. The course uses a unique combination of ‘forum theatre’ exercises, which present real-life situations to inspire honest discussion about discrimination and other contemporary challenges facing our sector. Each session also creates the space for individual participants to share their personal challenges and skills – ensuring the training holds direct relevance for every person in the room.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for public sector managers and employees who want to build their awareness of diversity and inclusion and its importance for organisational culture. The training equips them with practical tools and language to take safe and constructive action if they witness discrimination in their workplace. It holds special relevance for individuals who want to be proactive in setting organisational culture and gain tools to have difficult conversations that generate goodwill and catalyse learning.

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