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Change Management in the Public Service

Change Management in the Public Service

Today’s public sector leader is expected to deliver on ambitious visions in a world of rapidly changing – and often conflicting – public and employee expectations. Over the past decade, IPAA Victoria and the communications experts at SenateSHJ have helped hundreds of State and local government employees to plan, navigate and evaluate meaningful change within their organisations.

During this highly interactive workshop, award-winning communication leader Jill Calder presents the Four Rooms of Change™ – a powerful and time-honoured model for driving change at individual, group and organisational levels. By supporting individuals to understand and own their change experiences, this celebrated methodology helps people take the first steps on a journey to achieve genuine and lasting change.

Who is this course designed for?

This half-day course is designed for any department, group or division leader in the public sector who is planning or leading change at a team or organisational level.

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