Evidence-Based Policy Award

Excellence in complex policymaking

Policymaking is the backbone of everything the public sector does, with good policymaking helping to address long-term and complex problems. This award recognises excellence in public policymaking, with respect to the approaches taken to develop proposals for government that are informed by meaningful engagement and collaboration.


All nominations will be judged against each of the specified criteria. Clear evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) is required against each criterion for the judging panel to determine a score.

  • An innovative, new or unique approach to policymaking design and/or implementation
  • Partnership(s), collaboration and co-design to achieve better outcomes
  • Applicable use of new technology and digital approaches
  • Use of the evidence as base for collaboration and engagement
  • Evaluation design, measuring impact and outcomes (if available, provide evidence of effective implementation)
  • High quality relative to the organisation size and its core business
  • Evidence of commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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