Emergency Management Award

Celebrating the commitment, excellence and innovation the public sector in emergency management

The public sector has a unique, central and broad role in working with the community to prepare for, respond to and recover from all emergencies ranging from natural to manmade disasters. Emergency management engages the full range of functions of government from policy and planning to service delivery, and requires high levels of interdependency and collaboration across and with sectors including all levels of government, business and communities.

This award has been established to highlight and celebrate key examples of excellence in emergency management in the broadest sense. We want to hear about and learn those who work in the public sector at local, state and Commonwealth level who have had to adapt and respond our sustained emergency management challenges.


All nominations will be judged against each of the specified criteria. Clear evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) is required against each criterion for the judging panel to determine a score.

  • Best practice or innovative approach.
  • Collaboration and partnerships — including across and within jurisdictions and government bodies
  • Agility and adaptability — this may include applicable use of new technologies and/or digital approaches 
  • Substantial use of science and evidence, including social science
  • Community engagement, including engagement that builds readiness and resilience
  • Contribution to evaluation and learning — which may include rapid response evaluation and adaptation as well as long-term outcome evaluation 
  • High quality relative to the organisation size and its core business
  • Evidence of commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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