Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Award

Taking action to protect the environment and deliver solutions that mitigate climate change now

Mitigating climate change and creating sustainable environments has positive outcomes not only for our shared natural environment, but for the community at large. This award recognises the actions that are being taken now protect the environment from further global warming, including activities to reduce emissions and initiatives to adapt to the consequences of climate change.


All nominations will be judged against each of the specified criteria. Clear evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) is required against each criterion for the judging panel to determine a score.

  • An innovative, new or unique approach to climate change mitigation or adaptation
  • Partnership(s) and collaboration to achieve better sustainability outcomes
  • Measurable long-term environmental outcomes, including measures to realise and protect future outcomes
  • Engagement and consultation with the community and/or other stakeholders, in development and delivery
  • Applicable use of new technology and/or digital approaches
  • Demonstration of leadership with potential to influence other organisations and communities, local action for global impact
  • High quality relative to the organisation size and its core business
  • Evidence of commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Award Partner