Citizen-Centred Service Design Award

Placing people at the centre of public services

Public services are the interface between the public and government; people care about public services and depend on their delivery. This award recognises new and successful approaches to service delivery, adopting a citizen-centred approach to better engage citizens and achieve better public outcomes. It is about recognising those who put the ‘public’ into the public service.


All nominations will be judged against each of the specified criteria. Clear evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) is required against each criterion for the judging panel to determine a score.

  • An innovative, new or unique approach in the way the services were designed and/or delivered
  • Partnership(s) and collaboration, both internal and external, to achieve better community outcomes
  • Applicable citizen-centred use of technology and digital approaches
  • Citizen-centricity as being fundamental to every stage of the project or initiative, including conception, design, execution and evaluation
  • Sustainability of the service
  • Delivery of community outcomes (provide evidence/metrics/data on the outcomes, actual or anticipated)
  • High quality relative to the organisation size and its core business
  • Evidence of commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Award Partner