Better Outcomes Through Regulation Award

Smart approaches to regulating; for a better community and stronger economy

Regulation is essential for the proper functioning of our society and the economy, and has a flow-on to productivity and general community wellbeing. This award recognises innovation and excellence in approaches achieving better outcomes through projects or programmes that led to improvements in regulatory design and practice, including stakeholder consultation. It is open to Victorian-based teams from national regulators, local government regulatory teams, and Victorian government regulators.


All nominations will be judged against each of the specified criteria. Clear evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) should be provide against each criterion.

  • An effective response to the underlying causes of the regulation need or problem
  • A robust evidence base and use of the evidence base to inform design and implementation
  • High quality relative to the organisation size and its core business
  • Partnership(s) and collaboration to achieve better outcomes for the community, environment, and economy
  • Flexibility and sustainability, including cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of interpretation and implementation by the public and business community (as applicable)
  • Applicable use of new technology and digital approaches as required
  • A future-oriented and innovative or unique approach to regulation
  • Evidence of commitment to diversity and inclusion.

*Regulation means the actions and requirements of government that are intended to change the choices and actions of individuals, community organisations and businesses. It includes rules backed by government authority (e.g. legislation) and the activities of regulators, such as approval processes and enforcement activity.