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Asia Capability

Role of Asia Capability CoP

  • The Asia Capability Community of Practice brings together IPAA Victoria members with an interest in building the Victorian public sector’s capabilities in engaging with Asia.

  • Showcase work that is already underway, learn about the services of other bodies and discuss opportunities to build understanding about the importance of Victoria's engagement with Asia.

  • Provide networking opportunities for IPAA Victoria members to learn from each other on Asia engagement.

Victoria’s Public Sector & Asia Capabilities

  • The Asia Capabilities COP contributes to building the Asia capabilities of Victoria’s public sector. Asia capabilities, engagement and awareness are critical factors and effective tools in increasing Victoria’s economic competitiveness and positioning in a global market. More broadly, Asia capabilities will contribute to Australia’s security and position in the region. Domestically, Asia capabilities contribute to cohesion and vibrancy in Victorian communities.

  • To strengthen Victoria’s international profile, it is important that the public sector in Victoria understands and engages effectively in the global economy, particularly key Asian markets, in order to:

    • develop informed policy on international engagement

    • provide sound and informed advice to Ministers and government on international engagement

    • identify opportunities relating to investment attraction, trade promotion and international engagement

    • increase interactions with Asian clients, stakeholders and partners to better realise opportunities

    • meet Departmental objectives in delivering activities and research projects

    • develop key partnerships and relationships that directly relate to investment attraction, trade and international engagement for Victoria.

Why are Asia Capabilities important?

  • Trade and investment are vital to a resilient and strong Victorian economy. Government leadership in driving a stronger and more effective Victorian international trade, investment and engagement agency will support business confidence and state economic prosperity.

  • This leadership is vital in an uncertain global trade environment. Global trade is evolving at a rapid pace, creating opportunities in fast growing Asian markets, and with new modes of export delivery, such as the rise of digitalisation and e-commerce platforms.

  • Building the State’s Asia capabilities continues to be of significant strategic and economic importance to Victoria and is central to ensuring the state’s successful engagement in the global economy.

  • With only 5-6% of Victorian businesses exporting, there are significant trade opportunities being missed, especially with the fast-growing economies of Asia. A recent survey conducted by Trade Victoria of 168 Victorian high-growth exporters, across industries, identified the lack of Asia capabilities and insights as one of the key barriers to successful business engagement with Asia. This finding is supported by a 2016 Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) report which maintains that knowledge and understating of the local market, culture and language are significant barriers for Victorian companies doing business with Asia.

  • For Victoria’s business community and economy to continue to grow, remain competitive, confident, innovative, diverse and resilient, the State must engage effectively with Asia as its economies modernise and demand for Victorian goods and services continue to increase.

Relevant Reading

The Victorian Government has committed to positioning Victoria as Australia’s leading state in Asia capabilities, insights and engagement. This policy directive is underpinned and supported in a number of key policy documents, including (links to):

Links relevant to building an Asia Capable public service include:

Importance of Asia Capabilities:

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Upcoming Events

Advisory Committee

The Asia Capability Advisory Committee meets a minimum of four times per year, and is an integral part of the Communities of Practice program, providing direction and insight into a program of events that support the community. IPAA Victoria Personal and Corporate members are eligible to nominate for the Committee.

Committee members

Ms Sarah Heseltine (Chair)
Suzanne Knight
Bronwyn Meyrick
Jessie Mitchell
Nick Oats