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Analysing and Presenting Data

Analysing and Presenting Data

Quantitative information – in particular financial data – can provide compelling insights into the health and future direction of a government department or program. However, knowing where to look and which elements of your data to use is a skill that often goes far beyond basic statistical comparisons.

In this practical full-day workshop, seasoned financial strategist Mark Priadko examines the different purposes and types of data analyses, and presents various time-tested methods for presenting results to specific government audiences. Participants will be introduced to a range of analytical techniques that can help them make the most of the data available to them – and reduce the time and cost of applying their data in the development of evidence-based policy.

Who is this course designed for?

This workshop is ideal for anyone working in government who is required to understand trends, patterns and evidence in datasets, as well as those who contribute data to reports, submissions and proposals designed to help others make decisions.

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