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Analysing and Presenting Data

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Analysing and Presenting Data

Data can provide compelling insights that can benefit every area of policy and service delivery, from improving our health and education systems, to creating economic and job opportunities. However, knowing where to look and which elements of your data to use is a skill that often goes far beyond basic statistical comparisons.

In this practical full-day workshop, participants will be introduced to a range of analytical techniques that can help them make the most of the data available to them – and reduce the time and cost of applying their data in the development of evidence-based policy.

“Great program, well presented and super relevant to our work.”
— Kylie Smith, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
100% of attendees agreed that Analysing and Presenting Data gave them skills they could immediately apply in their role.
— 2018 IPAA Victoria feedback surveys

What to expect…

This full-day workshop will work through a variety of real-life case studies and hands-on activities, helping you to identify those analytical and presentation methods that are best suited to your specific work.

Why you should attend…

By the end of the workshop, you will understand:

  • The purpose of data and analysis, and what it is trying to achieve

  • Different analysis techniques and methods – trends, growth, benchmarking, etc.

  • How to gather and construct datasets

  • Common traps and pitfalls in data analysis

  • Incorporating data analysis into reports and proposals

  • Techniques for presenting data in tables and charts.

How this course applies to you… 

By the end of this course you will have knowledge of practical approaches to working with the data in our organisations and policy areas, seeing it from different perspectives, and considering ways in which we can share our data – and the findings from our data – with others.

Who should attend?

This course is on your to-do list if you;

  • are required to understand trends, patterns and evidence in datasets

  • contribute to data reports, submissions and proposals

  • help others make decisions

  • want to improve your data analysis and presentation skills

When and where?

Attend one of the IPAA Victoria sessions below, or book a session for your team in-house.

Our facilitator is able to adapt the course content to suit specific audiences and needs.

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IPAA Victoria’s Capability Framework for the Modern Public Purpose Workforce, derived from our consultations with the sector, reflects the diverse range of skills and capabilities that need to be present within public purpose teams.

Analysing and Presenting Data will help to develop your public purpose sector core skills in:

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Analysing and Presenting Data will build your capabilities in:

Facilitated by

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Mark Priadko

Mark Priadko is a highly regarded consultant and facilitator, with a deep knowledge of financial management gained from many years in executive roles in the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Analysing and presenting data was a central part of Mark’s work as a budget analyst and executive in Treasury. Analysing data is now a major ingredient of his work in reviewing organisations and projects, while presenting data is a major part of the reports he produces to reveal his findings to public sector clients.


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