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Advanced Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Skills

For the past 10 years, IPAA Victoria and the behavioural experts at Method9 have been helping speakers in Victoria’s public sector to overcome their nerves, write strong speeches, and deliver unforgettable presentations. This special full-day course offers one-on-one coaching and personal feedback on your presentation skills – enabling you to build on your strengths and rediscover new pathways to excellence.

With numbers restricted to 10 participants, actor and presentation coach Matt Boesenberg will help you practice your delivery and get your message across with confidence and sincerity – regardless of the personal challenges and obstacles you may face. You’ll discover how your current strengths are helping you succeed, and what areas you need to develop or refine in order to succeed more often.

Who is this course designed for?

This IPAA Victoria course is designed for regular presenters in the public sector – and particularly those who present with PowerPoint. It aims to help individuals build confidence with their public speaking and presentation skills, and to gain a measurable and immediate improvement in their delivery style.

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