Our Indigenous Initiatives

Our Indigenous Initiatives began in August 2008 to enhance the career development of Indigenous public servants in Victoria and to organise the inaugural Victorian Public Service Networking Conference.

The Institute’s Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC) drives the implementation of the Indigenous Initiative; including the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Young Indigenous Leader Scholarship

This Award acknowledges and supports Indigenous employees who work in or with the public sector by offering a professional development scholarship to a high performing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who demonstrates leadership potential and dedication to serving the public.

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Our Reconciliation Action Plan

The aim of our RAP is to promote cultural awareness and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture within IPAA and among members to:

  • increase Indigenous membership and participation in IPAA programs
  • build relationships with and among Indigenous people working in the public sector through the expansion of existing professional networks
  • promote IPAA and the wider public sector as an employer of choice for Indigenous people.

As we work towards achieving our RAP and the continuing development of the Indigenous Initiative, we encourage our networks to develop their own RAPs and promote Reconciliation in their professional and personal spheres.

Beyond attraction and retention: Indigenous career advancement in the public sector

IPAA Victoria and PricewaterhouseCoopers worked collaboratively to examine the links between professional development and career advancement for Indigenous people in the Victorian public sector.

The results of this study informed how IPAA and the public sector in Victoria could play an effective role in professional development for Indigenous public administrators through both advocacy and delivery of program. This March 2013 study resulted in the two initiatives listed below and our revised INNOVATION RAP.

Graduate Certificate in Management (Public Sector)

This post graduate certificate, developed by La Trobe University in conjunction with IPAA Victoria is designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public servants seeking to advance their career in public administration. For more information click here.

Professional Indigenous Network

This Professional Indigenous Network brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public administrators and people interested in Indigenous career advancement in the public sector. For more information please click here.

The Alick and Merle Jackomos Oration

Held biannially, the Alick and Merle Jackomos Oration honours the life and achievements of Alick and Merle Jackomos. Their story as individuals, and as a couple, is one of immense personal dedication to each other, as well as a selfless interest in the advancement of Aboriginal people in Victoria.

Building the capacity, integrity and reputation of the public sector in Victoria